2021 Home Buyer Guide

6 Steps To Finding The Right Property At The Right Price

By Tony LaGreca Realtor of United Real Estate Follow

These Steps To Save Time & Money

1. Consultation Session

The first step: Let’s determine the most important features you need with a property including price range.

2. Initial Property Search

The next step is to tap into all resources to find properties that meet your needs. This includes searching the MLS, extensive networking with other agents, & researching upcoming listings.

3. The List

Create a list of properties available that meet or exceed your expectations. Provide input on recent local sales, & current market conditions.


4. Setup Showings

The agent will help you save time by coordinating showings of the properties that interest you the most.

5. Pre-Offer Research

After finding the right property, more research is needed to determine what represents a good initial offer. Understanding the local market and current property values is critical here.

6. Offer Strategy

Create an initial offer price with terms and contingencies. Draft an offer contract and present it to the seller’s agent in a professional manner.

Closing The Sale With Negotiation Skills

An understanding of current real estate value, recent sales, and the local market makes a difference during negotiations.

How the offer is presented to the seller or seller agent is often just as important as the dollar amount of the offer. When presenting the offer, being able to demonstrate expertise and encourage cooperation with the seller can be the difference to getting the offer accepted.

A local Realtor can use their expertise in the local real estate market to negotiate the best price & terms for the buyer.

A few things to consider

Overcome Setbacks

Help to avoid closing obstacles.

After the offer is accepted, the sale is not closed.
Often times, issues can arise that need special attention to keep the sale on the right track.

An example? The home inspection, credits, requesting repairs, code requirements, title issues, and the appraisal can become closing obstacles. The buyer’s agent can offer important advice on how to proceed and act as a buffer with the seller and/or seller’s agent.

As the buyer, it can be extremely helpful to have an experienced Realtor on your side. It can be the difference between closing the sale and starting the process all over again because of issues after the offer is accepted.

Your local agent provides many benefits.

Key Resources

Reliable professionals to assist the buyer

A buyer’s agent can do much more than just show you properties. They can be an invaluable resource of reliable professionals such as mortgage brokers, inspectors, contractors, escrow services, movers, attorneys, and more.

Having access to these professionals can help expedite each step of the home buying process and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Don’t hestitate to ask about any part of the buying process. We are here to help you.

Keep more of your time & money

Save Your Valuable Time

Lean on professional help.

Once the right property is found, the actuality of closing the sale in real estate has many moving parts. Determining the right price for a specific property, handling all of the necessary paperwork, presenting an offer, responding to counteroffers, dealing with loans and title, reviewing inspections reports for critical issues, and much more.

Closing the sale takes a lot of time. It makes sense to lean on the experience of your local Realtor for help during every step of the process.

The 6 points listed above are a great starting point to finding the right home for you. Up next? Contact us to get started with these steps.

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