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Tony & United Real Estate brings customers, strategic partnerships and marketing avenues that are simply not available anywhere else in the industry.

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Your Home and the Market

Your Home will be ALL over the Internet!

Problem : Individual home listings generate very few buyer leads!
Solution : I offer proven specific CALL-TO-ACTIONS with your home’s marketing to generate more buyer leads.
Benefit : I pre-approve these buyers and then schedule showings for your home!

On the Internet:

These national sites and the sites that they power total more than 500 real estate search Web sites!


I will place your home on 500 of the world’s leading real estate web sites for unmatched exposure. Here are just a few of the sites where your home will he found.

The standard way most agents market your home online is to market your home on a bunch of websites create a virtual tour and single property website and hope to get a buyer to see your home!

A much better way is to create a buyer lead generation platform around your listing to literally drive hundreds of interested buyers for your home to me.

Online Lead Capture Marketing to Generate Buyers for Your Home!

The MORE buyer leads we Capture for your home, the more buyers I talk to and show your property to!

Realtor.com and All Affiliated Site

Your home will be prominently featured with a
showcase listing on Realtor.com, the top real estate
web site in the nation.
Features of your showcase listing include:
•Up to 25 oversized photos
•High-definition video tour
•Detailed descriptions of your home. Interactive maps
•Open house notices
•Lead generation forms for potential buyers

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