2021 Home Seller Guide

The Seller Report For New Jersey Homeowners

By Tony LaGreca, Realtor of United Real Estate

The 7 Must-Do Steps To Sell Your Home

Below you will find the 7 steps to follow to maximize your sales price & streamline the entire home selling process.

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1. Understanding Your Market

What’s happening in real estate in our area


There are many factors and questions that can give us insight into the current state of our real estate market and how it impacts your sale.

Your local Realtor can provide a quick summary of current market conditions to help you decide if this is truly the best time to sell your property.

If you’ve seen a few recent sales in your area, ask you Realtor about them and how it impacts the value of your property.

Additionally you make ask questions such as:

> “How long are homes on the market right now?”
> “How close to listing price are homes selling?”
> “What is my house worth right now?”
> “Are there any repairs needed before selling?”
> “Will staging the home help the sale?”

With the help of a qualified and local Realtor, you can get the answers to these important questions & gain a quick understanding of the current state of our real estate market. 

Improve Your Sale Price...

2. Importance Of Appearance

Steps to take to improve your sales price


How your property shows in person and online in photos is critical to maximizing your sale price.

Before listing your property for sale there are a few steps you can take to improve the way the property will show to potential buyers.

Often times, a few small upgrades can make a HUGE difference with home buyers. Any potential seller should take inventory of some things you can improve to make the property more appealing.

This is another area where years of real estate experience can help you. I’ll take a quick walk through your home to help you identify the most important matters to address before listing the property for sale. We can make a list of possible repairs and upgrades to make that would impact your sales price.

Not sure what to do or where to start? Let me help you save time and possibly make more money on the sale. Contact me and let’s talk about improving the sale price of your home.

Current Values In Your Neighborhood...

3. Current Real Estate Values

Ask your agent for a detailed update


A happy & satisfied home seller usually has a good understanding of current values and why their home is priced to sell at a certain level.

Many homeowners undervalue their property, while others overestimate the current value of their home. You may see a home sale in the area and not understand why this home sold at that price. 

Once again, this is where an experienced, full-time agent can be a valuable resource for you. I can help you review the recent sales in the area and determine how the unique selling points of your property will alter the sales price.

Setting The Right Price...

4. Set The Right Listing Price

Too high? Too low? Both can cost you.


Pricing the home right is a very big part of the selling strategy.

You can find recent sales online, and this might help you get a ballpark estimate of your price range, but keep in mind that each property is unique and that there are many factors that may impact your sale price.

To save your valuable time, I can pull up all of the recent sales that are comparable to your home. I have a detailed understanding of current sales and how they may impact your home value.

To determine the best listing price, contact me to do some research for you. I’ll take some property information down, check on all of the current sales & listings, and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss the details.

Tony LaGreca Is A Valuable Resource...

5. Working With Realtors

Reliable professionals to assist the buyer


Realtors are here to help during the home selling process by offering advice on how to prepare your home for sale, pricing, and marketing.

When considering which Realtor to use, these may be some questions to ask:

· What would they change about the house before putting it on the market?

· What features would they highlight in advertising the home and offering it to potential buyers?
· At what price should I list my property? What do you think it will sell for? And why?
· Can you provide a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)?
· What is the marketing plan for your listings?

A Detailed Report On Your Home Value...

6. Get A CMA

Also known as a “Comparative Market Analysis”


A CMA is a home value report created by a local Realtor.  It considers many factors, including recent sales to give an estimate of the current value of your property.

The CMA compares details of your home with similar homes that are currently listed and recently sold. It includes property specific information such as your square footage, bedrooms, lot size, neighborhood, view, pool, etc. and how it compares to recent sales in your immediate area,


I would like to offer a complimentary CMA for your property.  To get the CMA, simply contact me by phone or email.

Make Your Property Shine...

7. The Marketing Plan

Reliable professionals to assist the buyer


The key to getting top dollar is presenting your property in the best possible light with both showings of the home and online.

Creating a marketing plan to sell a property is perhaps the most important duty of a Realtor.

A Realtor should have a specific marketing plan for your property that includes online marketing that shows off the best features of your property.

Summary Of The Steps:

1. Understand Your Market
2. The Importance Of Appearance
3. Current Real Estate Values
4. Set The Right Listing Price
5. Working With Realtors
6. Get A CMA
7. The Marketing Plan

Covering all of these steps will help with a timely sale at the best possible price.

A Question To Ask:

“What type of specific marketing and approach will you use to sell my home?”


This kind of question should be asked & answered.


Putting a sign in the front yard is not enough.  You want to work with a Realtor who will take the extra steps to place your property in front of the largest number of buyers?


You want a Realtor who is up-to-date with current marketing.  A Realtor with an aggressive sales approach who truly understands real estate marketing in 2021.


It can make the difference between a quick sale and sitting on the market for months with no offers.


Together let’s determine the right listing price for your property.  Contact me today to discuss price, marketing of your property, and I can provide answers to all of your questions.

Let us get your home sold!

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